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Gysinge Centrum för byggnadsvård

Address: Byggesvägen 12, 811 97 Gysinge Show map

Address: Byggesvägen 12, 811 97 Gysinge

Since 1990, "Centrum för byggnadsvård" have run Sweden's first and largest centre for the preservation of old Swedish houses.

Over the past decades, the Swedish style from the mid-18th century up to the early 1900s has become popular all over the world. The simple and uncluttered designs, materials and colours, which have been used for centuries in Sweden, appeal to people from all over the world.
In the small village of Gysinge, this centre stock reproductions, originals, refurbished and new items, all in the simplicity that suits antique as well of modern homes.

Exhibitions and sales.

From 2010 we also have a shop and a showroom in the center of Stockholm.

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